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?Dongguan Angzhan Plastic Products Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a company specializing in the production of plastic packaging, which has a collection of designing, mold making, production, sales and excellent services. We can provide customers with one-stop high-quality plastic packaging solution.

Our blister packaging products are mainly made of PVC, PP, PET, PS, PETG and PE materials. And we have a wide range of different kinds of plastic packaging, such as antistatic blister packaging, flocking blister, plastic box , folding box, plastic cups and food plastic trays.?

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Production Capacity
10 years of plastic packaging production experience
Wide Application
Cosmetics, toy packaging,

Quality Assurance
Modern production workshops and equipment
Packaging Solution Specialists
We provide customers with high-end personalized customization.
Angzhan is a professional plastic packaging enterprise, is a collection of development and design, mold making, production and sales and quality services in one of the diversified packaging enterprises.
Our company has a wide range of products to meet the needs of customers in various industries. Products strictly follow ISO and ROHS standards, 100% environmental protection non-toxic production concept.
With advanced equipment, exquisite technology and good reputation, our company has won the love of customers, and has established good business relations with nearly 100 international and domestic famous enterprises.
Our company has a professional development and design, mold production, production and sales and quality service team, for your customized research and development of plastic packaging products.
As the society is always constantly updated, continuous development, the speed of people is always more. For our own industry, after careful investigation
According to MarketsandMarkets, the blister packaging market is forecast to grow from $18.65 billion in 2016 to $28.38 billion in 2022, with an estimated CAGR of 7.2%. The blister packaging market ...
First to make the mold, samples or specifications according to requirements, make good blister mold, general conditions, are made use of gypsum blister packaging mold, plaster mould is made, let th...